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SHK MedicalFor your complete medical needs

For your complete medical needs

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SHK is a full service medical company supplying: Hospitals/Clinics in government, private & defence sectors. We supply regional & local medical companies with equipment exclusive to SHK.
We are a one-stop source for quality medical supplies: consumables, hospital furniture, laboratory, pharmaceuticals & Imaging, are some of the departments we equip. 
Our excellent service and highly competitive pricing make us the preferred medical supplier of many organisations globally.
shk medical health check

Rapid Diagnostic

Heath checks are increasingly seen as the 1st line of preventative medicine and catching the signs of lifestyle diseases early. Rapid diagnostic kits are now used in hospitals and other clinical environments for Fast diagnosis within minutes.
A comprehensive range of tests available

shk medical pharmaceuticals


SHK can offer you Pharmaceuticals from Generics produced by the largest manufacturers of generics worldwide.
We can provide medicines for most regions in several languages which already meet with local health & import approvals.

See page for our complete range of services and support.

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Medical Equipment

See the latest types of equipment sourced for quality and at competitive prices.
If you require a specific type and don't see it displayed, Contact us with your specification and needs. We can usually supply to your specification.

shk medical hospital furniture

Hospital Furniture

SHK provides all types of medical furniture, from clinic to full hospital requirements. contact us for your specific requirements.
Our furniture page contains a fraction of the range we can supply and a complete list of ward items.

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Laboratory Equipment

SHK supplies high quality laboratory equipment and consumable supplies. From manual laboratory instruments to fully automated analysers. All required reagents for most automated units. Manual testing reagents, and laboratory furniture. check our listings.
Complete Mobile Labs.

shk medical Consumables

Medical Consumables

We supply the complete range of Consumables all the daily use items to speciality care section items used in Paediatrics and oncology etc.
Contact us

SHK medical Dental equipment


Dental Equipment:
Chair systems, Xray & Pan, Handpeices, consumables & Instruments
(View our dental related products on the medical page)

SHK medical Surgical equipment

Surgical Instruments

Wide range of quality Surgical Equipment, for use in theatre, minor surgical procedures. A full range of Disposable Instruments.
All are quality surgical instruments as used by hospitals and medical professionals around the globe.

SHK - awareness technology lab for Africa

Refurbished Lab Analysers

SHK represents one the largest diagnostic equipment refurbishing companies. We can offer you "down to the frame" refurbished analysers in:
Chemistry, Haematology, Blood Gas, Electrolyte, Immunology, Coagulation.
We supply a wide range of Laboratory equipment and reagents.

SHK medical EMS & 1st aid kits

Emergency & 1st Aid Kits

Emergency 1st Aid and Trauma Equipment.

Paramedic and First Aid Kits EG: Emergency services, Travel, Commercial premises, Schools, Personal.
Emergency Room Trauma equipment, Paramedic equipment, including Ambulances.

SHK Xray equipment and supplies

Xray Protection

Xray Protection equipment, Screens, Goggles, Shielding, Xray cassettes, Xray grids, Film Viewers. Xray Films.
Auto Film Processors.
These form part of the range of protective and Rad Room products we can supply.

Committed to offering healthcare solutions, for all the regions we cover.
International contact centre

Telephone: +971 50 787 2259
Fax: +44 709 204 1347
Provide Quality Affordable Healthcare